About Us

My name is Barb Chilson we are a family owned business which is licensed and insured. I have owned/operated my business for 13 years in Juanita, Kirkland, Bothell and Woodinville.  I recently asked my adult son to join me full time so we could expand the business. This has provided us with the ability to add daily dog walks and overnights. Todd, my son has been a loving pet owner since childhood and  has been a supportive force for my business over the years particularly over the holidays.

One of us will always be the one to visit your pets. We do not use outside help unless their is an emergency, then it would be a qualified sitter that we have had a relationship with for 6 years. You of course would be notified.

Expect to get updates when you are away. A text, perhaps a picture. And of course you can always contact us to inquire how your pet/pets are doing.

Having someone visiting your home on a regular basis also provides some security. We always survey the surroundings at each visit and rotate lights, shades, put out/and retrieve trash cans. Retrieve your mail, newspapers and packages.